Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Useful links to enhance your jquery experience

Write less, Do more. This is the slogan of jQuery. It is a fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX. It is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. JQuery is a flexible, query-based source code browser, developed as an Eclipse plug-in.

There are many things you could do with jQuery. Few of them to help to make you work much more easier are listed below:

Home of jQuery - Link
Link - jQuery lightBox plugin

Link - Preload images from CSS

Link - jquery selectors

Link - Use jQuery and quickSearch to interactively search any data

Link - very interesting

Link - jQuery File Tree

Link - jQuery Plugin: Preload Images

Link - for jquery corners

Link - jQuery Calendar

Link - Jcrop: the jQuery Image Cropping Plugin

Link - jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0

Link - Start/Stop Slider

Link - 3 reasons why you should let Google host jQuery for you | Encosia

Link - 37 Phenomenal jQuery Plugins and Demos for Developers : Speckyboy - Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design Resources

Please note: This is a start of posts in which I will be adding useful link for web designers and developers regarding different aspects of web development.

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