Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open Web Awards - Bloggers’ Choice

The Blogger’s Choice Awards for this this year has been great with many good nominations. Mashable has announced this year’s Blogger’s Choice Award Winners.

Also, do not forget that your votes for the People’s Choice Awards ends this Sunday. So, if want to make sure that you choice gets the award then make sure you too vote. You still have a chance to change the People’s Choice Award winners.

Mainstream & Large Scale Social Networks

Winner: Twitter
Runner-up: Facebook

Embeddable Widgets

Winner: Clearspring
Runner-up: Sprout

Blog Plugins

Winner: ShareThis
Runner-up: AddThis

Social News

Winner: Digg
Runner-up: Mixx

Social Networking Applications

Runner-up: Twitterfeed

Social Bookmarking

Winner: Delicious
Runner-up: StumbleUpon

Search & Social Search

Winner: Google
Runner-up: Scour

Sports & Fitness

Winner: Gyminee
Runner-up: Oneseason

Photo Sharing

Winner: Flickr
Runner-up: Picasa

Video Sharing

Winner: YouTube
Runner-up: Vimeo

Start Pages

Winner: iGoogle
Runner-up: Netvibes

Places & Events

Winner: Doodle
Runner-up: Eventbrite
Winner: TripIt
Runner-up: GeckoGo


Runner-up: Pandora

Social Shoppin

Winner: Wishpot
Runner-up(s): Tigerbow/Pikaba


Winner: Coolspotters
Runner-up: Gift Girl

Celebrity & Gossip

Winner: Perez Hilton
Runner-up: Popvine

Mobile Applications

Winner: Evernote
Runner-up: Qik

Dating & Romance

Winner: SpeedDate
Runner-up: OKCupid


Winner: Wikipedia
Runner-up: PBWiki


Winner: Huffington Post
Runner-up: CreateDebate


Winner: eHow
Runner-up: Howcast


Winner: ThinkGreen
Runner-up: SocialVibe

Non-Profit Causes

Winner: SocialVibe
Runner-up: Kiva

Online Games

Winner: Playfish
Runner-up: Kongregate

Niche Social Networks

Winner: Wadja
Runner-up: Lifeblob

We would like to congratulate all.

The first and final voting rounds will be held from November 19th till December 15th.

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