Thursday, January 7, 2010

Realtime website analytics: Footprint

Google analytic is one of the best tool you can use to monitor the visitor activity in your website. But one thing that was lacking in this tool was the real-time visitor statistics. Google has been the biggest market player in the web and it has been dominant factor in this field. But still the live web visitor stats was not there.

There had been quite a few service providers who had been trying to match up with this. A Netherlands-based company called Footprint Live Analytics has come up with this service.

This is a 'free' service and allows users to view data on pages others are checking out in real-time by using Javascript code on the pages you want to track. If you were to hover your mouse over a Footprint's 'green' icon figure, it will zZoom in with drill-down click path analysis the system will provide you with the complete user profile including the referrer, browser, IP Address, contact/address data, company/organization, ISP, number of pages viewed, number of visits, search engine, search term, and the first and last measurement.

To get this service, you will need to register. The registration process is very simple and you will start viewing real-time stats for your website. You can also add multiple website in your single account. You will need need an email address for it is where your tracking code will be sent which you need to add in your website.

The service looks really cool. I highly recommend this website for real-time visitor stats. Go check it out.

Footprint Live Analytics


Realtime website analytics said...

Yeah Google analytic is popular one but there are many other alternatives also available now a days.Web Analytics is essentially the analysis of how visitors find and use a website.So we must have atleast one realtime website analysis tool.

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