Thursday, January 14, 2010

IE 6 must die

Well, I'd read articles regarding how designer have faced problem in IE6 and I'd not taken notice of this until today. Today I'd used the whole day so that one of the website that I'd designed and coded would look great also in IE and more importantly in IE6. But even after the day ended, I've to admit that it still does not look the way that I wanted it to be.

Writing CSS for different browser was kinda ok for me. But writing the CSS file for the same browser but different versions, oh my gosh, it was quite a pain in my behind. It does not feel good when your design does not look good in all of the major browsers.

We as developers use the latest of browsers and the latest of technologies. But we have to think what the normal people think and use what the normal people in general use. Still the majority of the share for the browser goes to IE and out of that a significant number of web users still use the IE6 browsers. They must have quite an ease to go through the content in their browser (IE6). But as a designer, I can feel the pain the development team had to go through for the development of that website for IE6 compatibility.

I'm not saying that I'm backing off of designing my web page for IE6 compatibility, but the time consumed for the development for the particular browser is just too much. Too much unnecessary time is wasted of developers all around the globe for this. So I too support the cause, The cause of saying IE6 must die.

Here are some of the links which I support for this cause: ()

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