Sunday, December 21, 2008

Major flaw revealed in Internet Explorer

This might be a shocking news for hardcore IE (Internet Explorer) fan but there has been a recent new that's been circulating in the world wide web and emails all over. Security experts have found out a major flaw in Internet Explorer. This is a loop hole that affects browsers from IE5 to the latest beta of IE8. In fact, the flaw is already in wide use as a tool to steal online game passwords, with some 10,000 websites infected with the code needed to take advantage of the hole in IE.

Virtually all security experts (as well as myself) are counseling users to switch to any other web browser -- none of the others are affected, including Firefox, Chrome, and Opera -- at least for the time being, though Microsoft has stubbornly said it "cannot recommend people switch due to this one flaw." Microsoft adds that it is working on a fix but has offered no ETA on when that might happen. Meanwhile it offers some suggestions for a temporary patch, including setting your Internet security zone settings to "high" and offering some complicated workarounds. (Some reports state, however, that the fixes do not actually work.)

Expedient patching or switching are essential. Security pros fear that the attack will soon spread beyond the theft of gaming passwords and into more criminal arenas, as the malicious code can be placed on any website and can be adapted to steal any password stored or entered using the browser. It's now down to the issue of time: Will Microsoft repair the problem and distribute a patch quickly enough to head off the tsunami of fraud that's about to hit or will it come too late to do any good?

Meanwhile, I'll reiterate my recommendation: Switch from Internet Explorer as soon as you can. You can always switch back once the threat is eliminated. (To clarify: You don't need to uninstall IE, just don't use it for the time being.)

Well, people there are many good browsers. You just need to go out and reach for it. Some good options are as follows:
Source: Yahoo

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Win $6000 with John Chow and

John Chow and are giving away $6,000 in a new blog contest. A total of $5,000 will be donated to a charity of the winner's choosing and $1,000 will be awarded directly to the winner. In my case if I win this contest, then I would like to donate the five thousand to streetchildrenofnepal in Kathmandu, Nepal. With the other one thousand, I think I'm going to save it for my family, because my family needs that money rather than me.

All people must have heard of John Chow, if not you can visit his website. And so, what is is a new application that provides services for URL shortening.

The contest is being sponsored by is a tiny url service that will shorten long URLs, essential for sending links out on Twitter which limits the number of characters you can post per tweet. Sign up for an account and check it out!

I'm hoping to win this content and donate the better part of the contest prize to the charity and keep the rest for my family. You people and also go ahead and get yourself an account at

Open Web Awards - Bloggers’ Choice

The Blogger’s Choice Awards for this this year has been great with many good nominations. Mashable has announced this year’s Blogger’s Choice Award Winners.

Also, do not forget that your votes for the People’s Choice Awards ends this Sunday. So, if want to make sure that you choice gets the award then make sure you too vote. You still have a chance to change the People’s Choice Award winners.

Mainstream & Large Scale Social Networks

Winner: Twitter
Runner-up: Facebook

Embeddable Widgets

Winner: Clearspring
Runner-up: Sprout

Blog Plugins

Winner: ShareThis
Runner-up: AddThis

Social News

Winner: Digg
Runner-up: Mixx

Social Networking Applications

Runner-up: Twitterfeed

Social Bookmarking

Winner: Delicious
Runner-up: StumbleUpon

Search & Social Search

Winner: Google
Runner-up: Scour

Sports & Fitness

Winner: Gyminee
Runner-up: Oneseason

Photo Sharing

Winner: Flickr
Runner-up: Picasa

Video Sharing

Winner: YouTube
Runner-up: Vimeo

Start Pages

Winner: iGoogle
Runner-up: Netvibes

Places & Events

Winner: Doodle
Runner-up: Eventbrite
Winner: TripIt
Runner-up: GeckoGo


Runner-up: Pandora

Social Shoppin

Winner: Wishpot
Runner-up(s): Tigerbow/Pikaba


Winner: Coolspotters
Runner-up: Gift Girl

Celebrity & Gossip

Winner: Perez Hilton
Runner-up: Popvine

Mobile Applications

Winner: Evernote
Runner-up: Qik

Dating & Romance

Winner: SpeedDate
Runner-up: OKCupid


Winner: Wikipedia
Runner-up: PBWiki


Winner: Huffington Post
Runner-up: CreateDebate


Winner: eHow
Runner-up: Howcast


Winner: ThinkGreen
Runner-up: SocialVibe

Non-Profit Causes

Winner: SocialVibe
Runner-up: Kiva

Online Games

Winner: Playfish
Runner-up: Kongregate

Niche Social Networks

Winner: Wadja
Runner-up: Lifeblob

We would like to congratulate all.

The first and final voting rounds will be held from November 19th till December 15th.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Useful links to enhance your jquery experience

Write less, Do more. This is the slogan of jQuery. It is a fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX. It is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. JQuery is a flexible, query-based source code browser, developed as an Eclipse plug-in.

There are many things you could do with jQuery. Few of them to help to make you work much more easier are listed below:

Home of jQuery - Link
Link - jQuery lightBox plugin

Link - Preload images from CSS

Link - jquery selectors

Link - Use jQuery and quickSearch to interactively search any data

Link - very interesting

Link - jQuery File Tree

Link - jQuery Plugin: Preload Images

Link - for jquery corners

Link - jQuery Calendar

Link - Jcrop: the jQuery Image Cropping Plugin

Link - jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0

Link - Start/Stop Slider

Link - 3 reasons why you should let Google host jQuery for you | Encosia

Link - 37 Phenomenal jQuery Plugins and Demos for Developers : Speckyboy - Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design Resources

Please note: This is a start of posts in which I will be adding useful link for web designers and developers regarding different aspects of web development.

Poverty removal from the Earth

We all bloggers stand hand to hand to remove poverty from the earth.

This post is part of Blog Action Day 08 - Poverty

It is not difficult to remove poverty from the world. The only thing that is required is the will to do so. What you me and we have to do is help someone who is seeking help in case of surviving or doing something better for the betterment of life. Everybody knows that different conditions create poverty in family, society and then in the country.

Education is the source of light for anyone. So let us educate at least one child who is in need. Let us give proper treatment to at least one needy community. Let us be responsible for our family, our community and the whole world.

The previous year Blogaction Day made a huge difference in saving environment and this year too we walk together to clean poverty from the earth. Lets help to create a smile on one more face and that this be a continuous process, and that everyone on this earth is happy and hence poverty removed from this earth.

We can all contribute in different ways. Some effort might be small others might be quite big. But, let us all unite so that we can be a giant force and help to remove poverty from this earth and for ever.

Note: Very sorry for posting late and more for posting late for this article.